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Where’s The Smoke? 

So I decided to stop buy and visit Fatboy’s BBQ and Catering on Twinview Blv the other day and have my favorite

Wheres The Smoke FatBoys BBQ and Catering

Wheres The Smoke FatBoys BBQ and Catering

(Polish Dog) in the whole world.  As i was stepping out of the vehicle to go inside I notice the smell of BBQ smoke hitting the ole smell sensors, and instantly my mouth began to water, looking over to the far side of the building I notice Ken taking off a rack of ribs of the BBQ grill, which was bellowing out columns of smoke.

Wow ken I said as i walked over there where the action was coming from, you sure don’t see this at the other BBQ places that claim to be BBQ’s, Yep, says ken, that’s the difference you see between me and the other so called places that claim to be BBQ places, I have the smoke to prove it!

So I began to wonder what Ken said as I made my way inside to order lunch, Ken is correct, I know very few other places that consistently produce quality mouth watering, lip smacking, finger licking bbq’s year in and year out like Fatboys BBQ and Catering.  Not saying that there are not other places that serve bbq, Fatboys BBQ is unique in its own way, from flavor to what real bbq meat should taste like.  What can i say, if looking for the King of BBQ’s in the North State, Fatboys wraps it up.

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