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How and Why to Schedule Hangouts On Air Using Google+ Events
In my latest post for +SteamFeed, I explain why you should use Google+ Events to host your Hangouts On Air and how to do that.
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The “why” you should can be summed up by the words, Landing Page
Google gives us a free site to announce, publicize, invite people and interact with visitors before, during and after the live HOA.

The “How to” section takes you through the following steps:
1. Create the Event – finding where to start an Event from your Profile or Page
2. Fill in the fields and change cover theme. (take advantage of branding opportunity)
3. Event Options – keep it simple, don’t change default basics
4. Advanced options – This is where it sometimes gets messy. Don’t choose Hangouts or Make this an event on air
People think they’re reading, Make this a Hangout On Air
H/T to +Ronnie Bincer for emphasizing the difference in many of his HOA‘s.

Hangouts is just that, it’s a Hangout Video Chat (HVC). No one will be able to see it unless they’re invited inside.
An “event on air” can be seen or found by everyone, but only those on the guest list can interact. There is no HOA option on the Event Page. Go directly to “Show more options.”
5. Fill in details, links and invite guests. Let people know what the HOA is about using keywords and formatting.
Includes a link to your website (appears as “official site” tag under detail section) This link is do-follow so passes along some “link juice” to your site. H/T +Stephan Hovnanian

When inviting guests, it’s important to invite the “Public” when creating the original event. This is very important in order to be able to share and use third party tools like Comment Tracker Then invite any G+ Communities where you want the event to appear inside their page.
(You can later share the event if you want to send notifications to specific people or circles.)

Important: Inviting guests to your event is not the same as inviting them to participate in your HOA.
People get confused thinking by responding “yes” to an event, they’re accepting an invitation to participate inside the HOA.
The Event Page is the venue, the HOA, the attraction. You will need a separate invitation that includes the URL to get inside the HOA and be a part of the “filmstrip”.

6. Last minute checkup and maintenance. One of the biggest advantages of using the Event Page for hosting your HOA is the networking capabilities.
Before, during and after the show, visit the page and respond to questions or comments. Take note of engagers and add them to your circle.
Check who has replied “yes” or “maybe” and add them to a circle or list of people to invite to future Hangouts.

Google Plus can seem pretty overwhelming.
There is a lot of technology and strategies that can get in the way of your goals. Unless time isn’t an issue or you have a high frustration threshold, I recommend finding an experienced “plusser” to mentor you. I was fortunate to have built relationships with many generous people on G+.
Here are but three that I recommend you circle to keep on top of Hangouts, Authority and Google+ for business:

+Ronnie Bincer – The Hangout Helper makes it his business (literally) to keep on top of the latest updates and glitches. If Hangouts are an important part of your strategy, he’s a must circle.

+Mark Traphagen – Want to know about Authorship and how Google+ affects search results? Circle Mark and follow his articles of +Virante Search Marketing

+martin shervington – The guy that brought me into my first public Hangout. If you’re in business and serious about Google+, circle him and join his Plus Your Business Community
He also produces an exhaustive amount of Google+ help content. Read the full article here:

Do you use the Event Page to host your HOA’s?

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