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About The Author – Jason Stovall

Redding Reviews is a consumer advocate that looks for the best deals, local businesses services and products.

Redding Reviews was created bye Jason Stovall in 2009 with the concept of giving shout outs of Redding’s best establishments to do business with.

Our passion is marketing local businesses and giving honest shout outs of the best places in Redding Ca for the north state consumer to consider doing business with.

Since moving to Redding in 1975, I have seen lots of businesses come and go and have learned which businesses offer the best services and products in the north state.

Often when getting together with friends, family and business associates we chat about which businesses did a great service or job for us. My desire to help people find the best businesses in the north state and see great businesses succeed led me to start Redding Reviews.

With extensive marketing experience and expertise in video marketing, SEO, SEM and social media marketing, Redding Reviews provides an opportunity for the public to find the BEST businesses.

Redding Reviews consolidates existing online reviews that are on YELP, Angies list, Google Reviews, etc., plus personal experience, along with personal interviews with customers directly at the establishments to come up with an accurate review of that business.

Having a passion to see quality businesses succeed I’ve created guerrilla marketing tactics to help local businesses bring in more customers NOW!


Jason Stovall CEO


Redding Reviews
1019 Montclair Drive 
Redding, CA 96003
 Robert Fetty 
Press Manager
+1(408) 660-7629











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Jason Stovall
Jason Stovall

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