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Redding Reviews

Redding Reviewsis a review service that gives shout outs of the best businesses in Redding CA and the entire north state of California including San Francisco and all surrounding areas within driving distance of Redding.

Redding Reviews Shout Outs

Redding Reviews Shout Outs

Who is Redding Reviews?

Redding Reviews was started by Jason Stovall who moved to Redding CA in 1975. He watched firsthand as the rural community of Redding CA grew in population from around 35,000 to over 90,000 people.  Having a passion for marketing and the success of local businesses, Jason Stovall has observed the trends, successes, failures and overall business growth in the Redding area to where it is today.  Gathering information from the community at large, business associates, friends, family and a serious passion especially for food Jason Stovall started a foodie tribe called Renegade Foodies we are searching out the best places to eat and do business.  The information we provide comes from others first hand experience, word of mouth and our our own personal experience.  Find out what people are really saying at Redding Reviews.  Our goal is to find the BEST!!!


Redding Reviews Interviews With Customers

Redding Reviews enjoys interviewing customers directly at establishments or following their visits.  One of the review processes that Redding Reviews also employs is looking at other reviews on a variety of social platforms like: Google Reviews, Yelp, Angies List, etc.  Redding Reviews is cautious and uses discretion to not perpetuate malicious reviews that someone leaves because of a personal vendetta or are trying to cyber smear to purposely defame a business.  Another process that we use to review local businesses is personally visiting the establishment and experiencing their product or service and giving a overall rating.

Redding Reviews and Restaurant Score Cards

Restaurants in Redding CA vary greatly, from simple fast food to high end 5-star establishments with gourmet chefs.  The Redding Reviews Score Card process varies with these types of establishments depending on what category of food service they provide.  Some universal foodie principles we review are: did you get what you paid for, cost, value, service, presentation, atmosphere, location, flavors and spices, originality and traditional are just a few.  We help customers locate the best businesses to meet their needs with the highest value.  Don’t waste time, money, frustration, etc., searching for the best.  Redding Reviews has done your homework for you and you can reap the benefits!

Businesses Benefit From Redding Reviews

At this time, customers are spending money but they want and need to get the best bang for their buck.  They shop wiser and scrutinize every dollar they spend and where.  They are looking for good deals, quality and value and they also value their time.   Redding Reviews connects businesses with customers in a win-win relationship.  We can also promote your business with Mobile Coupons, Daily Deals and Specials.  Feel free to contact us to place your advertising on our website.  With great reviews and great values the customers you rely on will remain loyal to your business.

Our Featured Restaurant of The Month – Fatboys Rotisserie & Sandwiches


Wanted to give you a shout out about the polish dog you make, it is da bomb, totally off the charts, don’t know Fatboys secret to making such a great dog but have to say it really is a 10! Thanks a million, Redding Reviews.

Jason Stovall

Redding Reviews

Kick Boxing | Fusion Life and Fitness | (530)510-1056

Razzlicious Frozen Yogurt | (530) 222-2945 | 961 Dana Drive Redding, CA 96003 | Yogurt Shops

Nipas Thai Cuisine | (530) 221-0966 | 2600 Churn Creek Road Redding, CA 96002

Guadalajara | (530) 223-2540 | 435 East Cypress Avenue Redding, CA 96002

Pasta Pronto | (530) 223-2328 | 920 Hilltop Drive Redding, CA 96003

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