The Savory Spoon Launches Jazz Nights

My Secret Happy Place
I’m reserved to write this post because as the editor of several B2C editorial shoutout sites, I want to keep this place a secret (like not tilling others of your best secret fishing hole or everybody will go fishing there) :-)!

Okay…so I found a place that I can get away from it all and just breath, relax and enjoy the home cooked meals, drink a few micro brews for only $2.   On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 to closing.
You read that correct, only $2 for micro brews!, can you find it any cheaper with the ambiance, quality and service?..I think not.

Redding Jazz Nights My Soul Is Soothed
Was there on their first jazz night last Thursday Sept 4th.  what an experience truly amazing.  For some reason jazz nights at The Savory Spoon goes together like a PB&J.  Somethings just click and having a jazz night at the savory spoon on their $2 pint night clicks big time!

The Savory Spoon
$2 Pint Nights & Doodle Paper to Boot
When walking into The Savory Spoon you will notice right away that the tabletops are covered with butcher paper.  Since I’m a doodler and love to write out my thoughts in a rough draft at the ending of the day the savory spoons’s butcher paper works great to accomplish this.  Plus if you have kids or grand kids the container of crayons that set in the center of your table make the perfect combo to doodle a pirates lost treasure map, tear it off  and take it home and have fun with it by going on a lost treasure hunt around the house or neighborhood with your kid or grand child. 

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Redding Reviews Starts Live B2C Editorials and Video Shoutout Reviews

Redding Reviews Starts Live B2C Editorials and Video Shout Outs Reviews 
Visitors and residence of Redding CA interested in finding Best of The North State and Best Restaurants in Redding CA will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched live B2C editorials and video shoutouts on Redding Reviews and Best Of The North State websites and blogs. These B2C editorials and video shoutouts takes into account several most requested features including Best Of The North State yearly poll and best restaurants in Redding CA and the best places to do business overall when visiting Redding California.  Though these video shout outs and editorials will cover mainly Restaurants in Redding California in the beginning, it will transition into B2C reviews local north state businesses in general.
Redding Reviews Shoutouts

Redding Reviews has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information via these short video shoutouts on Restaurants in Redding CA.  There are many types of businesses in Redding California but food is the primary venue that people talk and write reviews mostly about.  Owners of these diversified eateries notice that it is not uncommon to see customers taking pictures & videos of their food with friends and family while visiting the establishment and then posting it to their Instagram or Facebook page.

Does your business rock and you feel like you have usp or something unique to share with locals or visitors?  Send me an a short detailed email about what makes your business so unique  at: Attention Jason

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Restaurants in Redding Ca & Businesses Gearing Up For Best Of The North State Poll

Restaurants in Redding CA

There are over 250 restaurants and eateries in Redding CA.  Redding Restaurants offer a variety of food and flavors for the serious foodie. Since being the editors for Redding Reviews we know the awesome places to eat at here in North Cal.

Every year in Redding CA, Record Searchlight holds a voting poll for local Record searchlight subscribers to cast their vote for the best businesses in Redding CA.  One of those cherished  positions is for one of the best restaurants in Reddinf CA.  For several years Gironda’s restaurant has held one of those top positions.Best Of The North State 2014

Now the polls are open and it is high time to cast your vote.  Your vote/poll counts, if you have not done so please go to the link below and cast your vote.

Redding Reviews will be activating a voting /poll system that will be awesome to be involved with, keep you posted as it unfolds.

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Redding Fourth Of July

Redding 4th of July was a smashing hit. People from all over North Cal came to watch the fireworks.  Here is a an amazing video of the American flag flying in the background.   People came as early as 10:00 am to secure their land grab with tents, BBQ’s and even pets to watch the big event.

One of the spotlights was a solid green  helicopter from the Vietnam days.   There were plenty of portable vendors rolling their Igloos on wheels to help quench the thirsty crowd.

4th of July In The nation

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